Great people shape great places

About the Council

Our Corporate Plan outlines our strategic priorities for the Borough:

  • Priority one: Growth that benefits all
  • Priority two: Clean and green local places
  • Priority three: Strong and resilient communities and families
  • Priority four: Living well
  • Priority five: Innovation and self-sufficiency

The Bexley Growth Strategy sets out how we plan to ensure our Borough thrives and grows in a sustainable way. BexleyCo Homes has been created to support the delivery of this strategy and expects to invest an estimated £630m to help the Borough grow sustainably and achieve a 7% return to the Council on top of its wider social and economic contributions.

Our Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) outlines how we are planning for a sustainable future, adopting an outcome based approach, with innovation and self-sufficiency embedded in our organisational culture.

Political structure

The Council has 45 elected members in total and the current political makeup is as follows:

  • Conservative: 34
  • Labour: 10
  • Independent: 1

The Council Leader is Councillor Teresa O’Neill OBE.

Organisational structure